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Zamination Screens

Effective Online Training.

Zamination's web-based tools make it easy to build short, targeted training exercises. Engage your staff and foster a culture of improvement.

Communication & Accountability.

Use our simple communication system to help keep your team well-educated, prepared and confident.

Our Suite of Training & Communication Tools


Exams Screen

Our simple exam builder will help you get effective courses online in minutes. From short exercises to full compliance examinations.


Tutorials Screen

Combine text, images, and video into elegant tutorials that will teach your staff how to grow your business. A well-educated staff will improve your bottom line.


Checklists Screen

Make sure everything is up to spec and running smoothly - and find out when something goes wrong with Zamination Checklists.


Surveys Screen

Use surveys to sample the pulse of your staff. Surveys are also effective for employee reviews.

Videos & Docs

Videos Screen

We can encode and host your videos and documents for secure online viewing. Or embed media hosted elsewhere. Zamination can handle your multimedia.


Messaging Screen

A central place for news, promotions, messages, and notifications will keep your entire staff abreast of what's important now at your company.


Rewards Screen

Attach points to activity on Zamination and reward your employees for good performances.


Reports Screen

Use our realtime reporting and analysis online or download your data to slice and dice with your Excel-fu!